Party Description

Calling all enchanted fairies! Allow your guests’ spirits to soar and imagination to take flight! With a wave of a wand and a sprinkling of pixie dust, the birthday girl and her guests will be transformed into enchanted fairies. The fairies will begin the festivities by creating magical wands. Then, they will be showered with pixie dust as they receive glitter tattoos, a shimmering makeup application, and a pixie polish with sparkling ring. They will use pixie dust to make a magical good luck necklace, and color their very own fairy fabulous wooden craft. At the end of the enchanted celebration, our little fairies will attend a majestic Pixie Ceremony, where they will earn their official fairy ring.

This party is sure to be filled with tons of fairy fun!

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Party Features

The Enchanted Fairy Party Package includes the following:

  • Whimsical Wardrobe
    Pink tutus, wings, flowered halo and custom made wand
  • Enchanted Fairy Activities
    The girls decorate custom wands, color their very own fairy fabulous wooden craft, and make a magical good luck necklace. The little fairies will get sprinkled with fairy dust as they receive a glitter tattoo, a shimmering makeup application and pixie polish. Then they will participate in a special “Pixie Ceremony” where they earn their official fairy certificate, fairy wings and halo.
  • Enchanted Fairy Party Favors
    Custom wand, halo, sparkling ring, glitter tattoo, official fairy certificate, fabulous fairy wooden craft, pixie dust necklace and a special gift for the birthday girl
  • Premier Party Hostess
    A Professional Party Hostess will entertain your guests for up to 2 hours.
  • Complete Enchanted Fairy Themed Décor
    Table settings that include plates, glasses, cloth napkins, linens and themed decorations
  • Delivery, Set-Up & Breakdown
    Your Party Hostess arrives 2 hours prior to party time and stays after to break everything down.
  • Boys on the guest list? Not a problem!
    We can add gnome or pirate costumes, favors and décor!

Your Guest List

  • Up to 8 Guests – $399.00
  • 9 – 12 Guests – $499.00
  • 13 – 16 Guests – $599.00
  • 17 – 20 Guests – $699.00

Party Enhancements

Tinkerbell Visit – $69.95
Tinkerbell visits require a minimum of four weeks’ notice.

Party Snacks
Themed sandwiches served alongside apples with caramel dipping sauce – $24.95
You will receive twenty mini sandwiches that are cut to match your theme and ten packs of apples with caramel dipping sauce.
Please select one option per order. Sandwich options include:
– Turkey & Cheese
– Ham & Cheese
– Nutella & Banana
– Fluffernutter
– PB & J

Digital invitation and thank you card custom designed to match your party theme – $12.95

Custom Printed Invitations Mailed to Your Guests – $3.50 each

24 Custom Labeled Bottles of Water – $22.95

Enchanted Fairy Sundae Station – $49.95
Includes ice cream, waffle bowls, and all your favorite candy and sweet toppings

Chocolate Fountain Station – $49.95
Includes strawberries, bananas, pretzel rods, marshmallows, and Rice Krispies treats

Sweets and Snacks Table – $124.95
Custom decorated table with sweets and snacks to correspond with your party theme

Bakery Cake – price varies

Custom Happy Birthday Banner – price varies

Bring Your Favorite Doll – $3.95 each
Pink tutus that match those of the guests will be provided for the dolls to wear during the party. The dolls will also earn their very own fairy wings and mini-fairy certificate to take home.

Deluxe Party Favors

  • Fairy Wings – $3.95 each
  • Pink Tutu – $5.95 each
  • Fairy Dust Set – $4.95 each
  • Matching Pink Tutu Set for Girl and Their Doll – $9.95 each
  • Create Your Own Lip Gloss Station – $5.00 each
  • Take-Home Themed Cookie – $4.95 each